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Two Worlds Unite

Two Worlds Unite operate five brands involved in Shoppable Video, Shoppable Video Embed codes, Video Production & Influence, Live Streaming and Thinking eCommerce .


For some years, discussion has abound about the introduction of a workable affordable system of Shoppable Video. Until now such discussions were only expressions of aspiration, until now, until Two Worlds Unite introduction of a workable and affordable Shoppable Video Solution. Having introduced Shoppable video under the Woo Club banner, Two Worlds Unite have created four other brands that enhance and support the Shoppable Video offering.

Woo Platform’s Software as a Service enables companies large and small, Brands, influencers and vloggers to affordably display shoppable video on their websites.

Woo Studio is a video production house, helping clients create crafted messages to engage and influence their audience. (Woo Studio also offers comprehensive training and academy program to budding influencers).

Woo TV is working to offer a unique and dynamic way for live content to be broadcast from a network of mobile phones; greatly reducing costs for SME. Woo TV is involved in full service live broadcasting events and specialty content.

Woo Market is an open market ecommerce platform offering consumers something new and retailers intelligent solutions.



Digital has become Personal.

Data has become Essential.

Influence is Paramount.

We are Living in a Different Era; The Era of Digital Influence

Today, Purchase Decisions Are Influenced And Take Place Outside of Traditional Channels – Our Services Create A Powerful Influence Marketing Platform, Perfect For Influencers, Brands And Companies Who Want to Understand Their Audience, And Want To Meet And Exceed Client And Customer Expectations In The New Era Of Digital.

The Rise of Digital Influence

We’re all familiar with celebrity endorsements.
Famous people (and things) can have a positive and even influential impact on the consumer perception and impression of a brand or product.
In fact, 15% of all advertisements feature celebrities.
45% of adults believe that celebrities can make either a large (11%) or some (33%) positive difference to whatever it is they’re promoting.


SOCIAL Media ….. has given rise to a new band of celebrity, those that are famous not as movie or sports stars but for online content.

Social media influencers have an unique ability to connect with an organic, engaged audience. Importantly, the overwhelming majority of influencers are everyday consumers who began blogging or sharing their thoughts and ideas on social media, and over time built a loyal an engaged following.

Influencer Marketing:

The Foundation of the Trusted Web

Consumers demand transparency and authenticity. They look to their networks for recommendations, rejecting claims brands make about themselves. Influencers deliver authentic brand messages – right inside consumers’ existing, trusted networks. Brands know this, and need to know how to connect with influencers, manage the influencer process, and measure the ROI of influencer efforts.

Making connections: That’s the superpower of the influencer. Armed with a particular point of view, and as passionate about their interests as they are their followers, influencers transformed a creative release into a primary source of income. Because the trust of their audiences means everything, opportunities to monetize must never come at the cost of creativity or authenticity.

The Numbers Tell The Influence Story

92% of consumers say they trust word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and families above all other forms of advertising

Influencer marketing campaigns drive 16x more engagement than paid or owned media

Display banner average CTR: 0.10%

Facebook post average CTR: 0.14%

Influencer post average CTR: 15%

The Influence Economy Has Created
And Will Continue To Create
Huge Winners And Losers

– Be on the Winning Side


Tell us about your ideas or just say hello. Whether you’ve got a big idea or need some inspiration, we are here from concept to creation, let us inspire you.

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